If you feel the desire to delve deeper into the art of Yoga, you can arrange for an individual lesson.

The individual lesson can take place at your home, at a hotel, on a boat, at a place of nature or at my studio.

You can choose your own schedule and you will receive a program especially created to meet your needs. We will be able to focus on your main areas of concern in terms of body and mind to develop suitable methods of relaxation.

During the first appointment, we will review your goals and requirements. With all the information, I will create your personalized Yoga program. During each session that follows, your training will be refined and enhanced step for step.

Use the advantage of personal training. Set up an appointment with me.

I can supply matts and all necessary equipment.

60 Minutes - € 65

90 Minutes - € 75

When I come to your place, I will charge an extra €5. 
Should the distance be further than 15 km, I will charge accordingly. 

A group with 3 or more participants, I will charge €20 per person.
Special offers for vacationers.