I was very privileged to learn from a young age, that health is one of the most important values of a human life. Before I understood that, I lived my life on the fast track.

First I set up a promotion agency in Hamburg, then a financial consultant agency. As a trained Finanzwirtin, I successfully accompanied Start-up companies. Additionally I offered sales and motivational training and executive coaching to companies and private individuals. I worked with full schedules for a few years, until my body stepped on the brake. A serious illness turned my priorities from one day to the next upside down.

From that day on, I was searching for additional content in my life. I absolved my training for the Reiki-Grandmaster, Yogateacher and Yogatherapist. I started a little studio in Hamburg, but I felt that I was still lacking many answers for myself. I developed an international art-project for children together with my 8 years old daughter, and together we went on a 2 years trip around the world to implement our ideas.

Today I live with my daughter on the beautiful island of Mallorca. I am still lacking most of the answers, but now I am fine with that. I have learned, that my body feels much more relaxed when I start my day with a couple of Yoga exercises. My back is straighter and does not pinch me anymore. My hormones seem to be much more balanced and definately I can observe a more peaceful sense of being. I simply feel balanced, healthy and happy.

What fascinates me about teaching Yoga is to observe, how people are moved after regular Yoga practice. It is almost as if Yoga is enchanting people to be more positive about themselves. This might be one possible explanation for the amount of people that train Yoga today.