For thousands of years, humans have utilized nature for their body to become one with their inner being. Holistic Yoga Therapy takes into account all levels of the human existence. The treatment regime includes exercises on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Depending on your current life situation and existing medical problems, specific Yoga techniques are chosen for each ailment to promote the activation of the body´s self-healing powers. Ancient healing knowledge is combined with the knowledge of modern medical research.

The session consists of a variety of body motions, breathing techniques, concentration and mindfulness exercises.

The Holistic Yoga Therapy is based on a health and wellness oriented concept that can be used by anybody, who has decided to improve oneself. The Holistic Yoga exercises can be easily combined with other natural healing approaches and modern medicine.

Yoga Therapy is suited for beginners as well as for advanced Yoga practitioners. You can profit from the Yoga exercises, no matter how old you are or what ailments you suffer from. The therapy is especially effective against:

Orthopedic problems of the back, knee, hip or shoulder

Heart- and metabolism problems

Circulatory disorder

Depressions, insomnia, Burn-out-syndrome

Psychosomatic symptoms

With many illnesses, Yoga Therapy can lead to marked improvements. Targeted exercises promote the optimal utilization of the body´s ability for self-healing.

60 Minutes - € 60

Please schedule a personal consultation with me and bring all pertinent medical records concerning your ailment(s). Together, we will come up with an individualized treatment plan.