A 90- minute class of Hatha Yoga consists of three different parts, that are combined with each other. When you practice Hatha Yoga, you stetch and strengthen all different groups of muscles in your body. After a Yoga session your mind feels calm and awake at the same time.

Through a regular practice of Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation you are creating a positive impact on all different systems of your body:

- Muscles- and skeletal system
- Blood circulation and blood pressure
- Hormonal balance
- Organ function
- Metabolism
- Respiratory system

ASANAS - The Art of Movement

Asanas are focused sequences of body positions and stretches to strengthen the muscles and connected tissues. In order to create a natural balance, the hormonal glands are also stimulated. The regular practice of Yoga promotes more flexibility and relaxation of the body.

PRANAYAMA - The Art of Breathing

Breathing exercises cleanse the entire power core of the body. To help you to clear your head it already helps a lot to breath deeply and calmly. Conscious breathing supports all organs by increasing blood circulation and decreasing stress hormones. An inner peace and emotional balance are palpable.

MEDITATION - The Art of Concentration

With exercises to focus, affirmations and techniques to relax your muscles, the mind gains a deeper state of relaxation. Out of this state new approaches and solutions can grow. Meditation is a true generator of power and inspiration, especially in times of stress.